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I love road trips! I mean, who doesn’t like blasting out your favorite music, pit stopping at In&Out, stopping on the way to take a few shots? So, this is how our (a travel blogger, a photographer, and a travel&lifestyle creative) road trip to Joshua Tree started. Having heard and seen a lot about Joshua Tree, I ironically didn’t know what to come across, but what we encountered was beyond magical!

on the road road trip views road trip views on the road

Upon entering the Joshua Tree National Park, we stopped to take a few pictures on the road and then head to a garden called cholla cactus garden. These cacti actually look very fragile and even pretty, but as all desert plants, it is very tenacious and stubborn. It is actually famous for its barbed spines that grab whatever they touch without ever letting go! Well, we didn’t know this before one cholla cactus literally clutched itself to Hande‘s jumpsuit, hence her skin, as Mun photographed her. We tried so hard to take it out, and by taking it out I mean attaching that to another object. That was the only way we could get it out! But, of course, it was worth all the pain looking back at these dreamy shots! Don’t you agree?

cholla cactus garden cholla cactus gardencholla cactus garden

After the cholla cactus garden, we had planned to head our home for that weekend and take some pictures in the sunset. However, obviously we didn’t expect for the house to be one and a half hour away from the national park. So, we thought we would miss the sunset in the car driving to the house, but we didn’t know that our enthusiasm and motivation not to miss the sunset would lead to amazing photos with the wind turbines in Palm Springs!

wind turbines

When we finally got to the house, it was already dark and much colder. But we were absolutely happy with our Airbnb home! It was cozy and warm with the most amazing details! As we unpacked and tried to warm ourselves, we couldn’t wait to lose ourselves photographing this design wonder in the middle of the desert! Of course, our night conversations naturally involved editing, blogging, and Instagram! We just love talking about these when we three get together!

The next day, waking up at sunrise has never been so difficult! It was freezing inside as it was outside! I am not used to desert temperatures at all, but coffee helped! And of course the magical light was worth the inconvenience. We were home the whole day taking pictures, editing them and getting cozy with more wood in the fireplace. We just wanted to experience the life in the desert to the fullest and this house gave us this opportunity and more.

morning coffee morning coffee hot tub in the desert morning coffee twirling

The next day was the time for another road trip to the national park, but not without enjoying another magical morning in Joshua Tree! The morning routine started with coffee, a small breakfast, and then some more coffee and books. And then, we gave ourselves up to the magic of Joshua Trees!

joshua tree house lounging in joshua tree lounging in joshua tree lounging in joshua tree

Joshua trees are in fact strange-looking trees with spiky leaves and thick trunks, but they also bloom any time between February to April. I’m actually sad that we missed the flowers, but it’s always an excuse to go back! When you enter the National Park and the road leads you to giant rocks and Joshua trees, you feel like entering into another world. However, you immediately feel like it’s an everyday occurrence to see these trees. It is very strange how it captivates and pulls you into its world. That’s why I thought the land of Joshua Trees must belong in a fairy tale with its strange trees and otherworldly atmosphere.

joshua trees joshua treesjoshua trees

As I said earlier, the desert experience wouldn’t be complete without getting into the hot tub our house offered. So, we also took the opportunity to get warm in the hot tub while it was actually chilly outside! It was pretty scenic looking at the cactus and the rocky mountains!


hot tub experience

I know this road trip would not be this magical, full of adventures, and fun without my tribe! I highly recommend taking a road trip with your besties and drive to wherever the road leads you with your favorite music on because those are mostly the times you feel more alive!

Photographs: Munopia Portraits

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    April 6, 2018 at 9:23 pm

    This looks like an epic roadtrip!! So inspiring!!! The pictures are beyond gorgeous!!

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      April 8, 2018 at 5:10 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment! It was an epic one for sure! So glad to hear you like them!

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