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CCR’s Travel Guide to Capri

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Capri travel guide

I apologize for taking too long to write this post, but our wi-fi connection literally makes it impossible to publish any kind of post on my blog. I finally put together a Capri travel guide for you. It is a gorgeous island in the southwest of Italy, which can only be accessed from Naples.

Therefore, we flew to Naples first and stayed there for a night. I don’t personally recommend you to stay in Naples both because there is not much to see and it is not a very organized or clean city. What’s more taxis do not know or follow any of the rules and drive like crazy putting your life into danger. So, if you want to go to Capri, I recommend you to directly go to Capri when you land in Naples without spending any time.

The ferry ride to Capri takes approximately 45 minutes. When you step on the island, the first thing you notice is the beautiful houses on the hill. Then you take the cable car,  “funicolare” in Italian to go up to reach the center of the island. Although the views you see from the cable car continue to fascinate you, the biggest surprise awaits you at the top: a magnificent view of the island!

Our hotel was more uphill, so we had a longer way to climb up from the center of the island, but when we reached there the view of the hotel made it worth all the climbing. The cute narrow streets where there is no other vehicle other than golf carts, beautiful architecture, the bougainvilleas everywhere are just a few of the things I can use to describe this gorgeous island!

Our pretty hotel, La Reginella, was owned by a friendly couple that prepare the most lavish breakfast you could ever see in Capri! Alex, a Dutch man, baked all homemade delicious pastries for breakfast including quiches, muffins and even Tiramisu!

Capri travel guide Capri travel guide Capri travel guide

These pictures are all from the hotel, which provided the perfect setting for our shoot. In fact, all of the island is so picture-perfect that every corner makes the best background.


One of the best and hardest things to do in Capri is to go to the beach club. Hardest because there is no vehicle and you rely on your feet to go down those steps and hills until you reach the sea level and then climb back up (unless you want to take the cable car to go down and go there by boat)! But the views you will see going down the island are one of the best! That’s why I recommend going on foot if you could handle it! You will definitely get thirsty on your way back up, so don’t forget to try the lemonade at the cutest little café on the way.

There are two famous beach clubs next to each other. Last time we were in Capri three years ago, we went to La Fontelina Beach and loved the atmosphere and the food there. Though there is an entrance fee to go in there, it is totally worth the service! they provide you towels and umbrella if you need one in return for a small fee. The seafood at the restaurant is pretty amazing! I definitely recommend you to try the seafood pasta, spaghetti di mare. And of course, my favorite drink in Italy Aperol spritz!

Capri travel guide Capri travel guide Capri travel guide Capri travel guide Capri travel guide Capri travel guide Capri travel guide Capri travel guide

The best time of the day for the Italians is the aperativo time when you can relax, watch the sunset and drink some Aperol spritz! You can see people getting together and all the cafes filling up at this time. It is my favorite drink in the whole world! I love the bitter sweet taste and the color of this drink! I’m glad we went back to Capri to enjoy it one more time even for a short period of time.


Capri travel guide Capri travel guide

Capri travel guideCapri travel guide


I am in love with everything Capri and would love to go back there! And I strongly recommend to visit this beautiful island in Italy!

Thanks for reading!

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A Day Trip to the ancient city Hierapolis, Pamukkale

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Fuchsia Maxi Dress

Day trip to Pamukkale in my hometown was definitely one of the highlights of my summer vacay. The original name for Pamukkale, which means Cotton Castle in Turkish, is Hierapolis, one of the ancient cities established in that region.

There is also an archeological museum and amphitheater along with the ruins of the ancient city.

Pamukkale has been unofficially regarded as the 8th wonder of the world with its white travertines that look like ‘cotton.’ It’s such a beauty that it would be a crying shame if we didn’t do a photoshoot there!

And that photoshoot had to be with this fuchsia dress I recently purchased from Oysho. I was immediately drawn to its bright color! I also fell in love with the material- I think it is satin- and the model of this dress. It is maxi but has slits on both sides, which makes it more comfy.

The tassel earrings from Zara perfectly complemented the look. I think it is not available now but I am linking very similar ones below. Another Zara item that complement the look is the bow slides. I absolutely love the color of these slides that is perfect for summer! You will see a lot of my mixing colors this summer!

Hope you enjoy the pictures, we certainly did enjoy taking them!

Thanks for reading,


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Fuchsia Maxi Dress Fuchsia Maxi Dress Fuchsia Maxi Dress Fuchsia Maxi DressDetails of Fuchsia Dress Fuchsia Maxi Dress Fuchsia Maxi Dress Fuchsia Maxi Dress Details of Fuchsia Dress Fuchsia Maxi Dress Fuchsia Maxi Dress Fuchsia Maxi Dress

Strappy Dress Oysho     Earrings ZARA (only blue version available) | here is a similar one    Sunglasses Raen

Bag Prada| similar here    Slides ZARA | similar here



Bohemian Chic Look with Floral Flares

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floral flares and off the shoulder

Is it odd that I am still into this bohemian chic look? Well, Coachella may be over but I am not over it! Lol!

The best thing I like about a bohemian look is that it is effortless and casual. When Funky&Little sent me these floral flares, I was in love! It is a brand that designs fun, comfortable and quality pieces for little ones, but they just launched their women line recently! I highly recommend you to check out their shop!

Seeing all the flares out there, you might be thinking we’re back in 70s? Well, one can say that fashion is indeed circular, so we relive 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s styles all over again. I have no problem with 60s or 70s but I really don’t know if I can handle 90s again!

Anyways, these pants are not only the perfect fit but they are also the best compliment for your bohemian look. I styled them with a white simple off the shoulder top since the pants are themselves a statement piece and also this off the shoulder trend does not seem to be going anywhere. Thank God!

Also, Noguchi Garden was the perfect location for our bohemian chic look! It is a hidden gem right amidst all the high rises in Costa Mesa. If you are around, it is the perfect spot to get away from the city and relax surrounded by these art works. My pictures will give you an idea about how magical this place is!

Thanks for reading!


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Details of the bohemian look

Details of the bohemian look Details of the bohemian lookfloral flares and off the shoulder

Photography by Munopia Portraits

Outfit Details

Floral Flares Funky & Little | love this and this   OTS Top Topshop | Similar here

Shoes Dolce Vita

Hat Nordstrom Rack (sold out) | similar here    Bag Madewell

Gemstone Bracelet Midori Linea (use my code COFFEECUPSANDROSES to get 20%off)


Styling The Embroidered Skirt

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Photo of Venice Canals

So, I was dying to wear this embroidered skirt since I had my eyes on it. When my hubby and I decided to spend the day in Venice (and it was an unusually sunny day after all the rain showers during past weeks), it was the perfect opportunity finally to wear it. I know that there are a lot of brands that carry very similar styles, but I love this one better because of the colors of the embroidery, so bright and fun!

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Show Some Shoulder with Floral Tops!

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Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach is one of my favorite spots and I love going there for a bite or coffee or just to hang out. Even though it is still under construction and new places are opening up, the atmosphere and the architecture just draw you in. It is also one of my fave spots to have a photoshoot with all white background and nice greens.

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