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Skincare and beauty products from Travertine Spa

Hello there!

A few weeks ago, I was kindly invited to an Influencer Mix event at Travertine Spa. I accepted right away because it is a different branch from fashion but I felt like it would be good to experience it. Maybe it was because of the name “travertine” that I felt close to the brand! I come from a city in Turkey that is famous for its white travertines!

There was such a nice and small crowd at Travertine Spa! The team of Travertine Spa was quite welcoming, lively, and very informative.  All the bloggers and influencers were very friendly. I met a lot of nice fellow bloggers, which is a very important part of this job.

Travertine Spa is a natural spa and beauty products company owned by Terry Carter based in Orange County. I also had the pleasure of meeting Terry who is an incredibly sweet person kind enough to share what he has been doing with us. I love the fact that they want to keep things simple and small, which makes you connect on a personal level. Terry also told us about his travels where he gets a chance to know an essence or substance more closely he is going to use in his products. Hence, Travertine Spa products successfully combine the feel of an essence with its origins.

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